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  • EDUCATION: IT Project Managment @ IT-Högskolan 2023-2024

    The Higher Vocational Education program is tailored to equip students with extensive skills in IT project management. It encompasses a thorough exploration of agile methods, the waterfall model, and Scrum framework. The curriculum places a significant emphasis on concurrent project management, fostering team development, and cultivating a deep understanding of the IT industry. In the…

  • PRESTUDY: Venue for pop music, Borås

    PRESTUDY: Venue for pop music, Borås

    The study explores the need and conditions for a new venue for pop music in Borås, Sweden. It emphasizes the importance of supporting smaller and medium-sized events to promote diversity and attract new audiences to the city. The study also highlights the desire for a better music scene in Borås, as indicated by surveys and…

  • Project Manager, Culture Administration, Borås Municipality 2021-2022

    Investigating the conditions for establishing a physical venue in order to boost the popular music scene in Borås. Commissioned by the Culture Administration of Borås Municipality and the Administration for Cultural Development in Västra Götaland Region. Read more about the project

  • EDUCATION: Project Management @ IHM Business School 2020

    Course focused on team building, understanding project and business value, creating a business case, identifying stakeholders and the external environment, defining the project scope and considering the buyer and decision-making criteria. It entailed a planning process including time and resource management, effective communication, and risk assessment including simulations of project execution.  Also it taught articulating…

  • Project Manager HDK-Valand, University Of Gothenburg 2017-2020

    Developing processes for educational planning, implementing system for digitizing work samples and streamlining facility utilization. More about the work samples project here.

  • TENDERING PROJECT: Digitalization of work samples and selection process for art education

    TENDERING PROJECT: Digitalization of work samples and selection process for art education

    At the Artistic Faculty at the University of Gothenburg we initiated a tendering project aimed at modernizing the application process for handling digital work samples, selection, and jury proceedings. The admission procedures at the Valand Academy faced significant administrative burdens, hindering accessibility for international jury members and lacking transparency. To address these issues, a proposal…

  • Project Manager @ University Administration, University Of Gothenburg 2013-2014

    Expert and project manager for (GU-Print) project tasked with implementing a new shared printing service for the university’s approximately 50,000 employees and students. Project planning, stakeholder engagement, coordination of communication, development, and implementation of support organization and processes. More on the GU-Print project here.

  • PROJECT: Printing as a service, University of Gothenburg

    PROJECT: Printing as a service, University of Gothenburg

    The GU-Print project was tasked with establishing a unified printing service for the university’s 50,000 staff and students. Dealing with a fragmented environment featuring various solutions, services, and providers across approximately 40 units, 7 faculties, and numerous campuses and satellite offices, the goal was to consolidate these into a single comprehensive solution. This new system…