EDUCATION: IT Project Managment @ IT-Högskolan 2023-2024

The Higher Vocational Education program is tailored to equip students with extensive skills in IT project management. It encompasses a thorough exploration of agile methods, the waterfall model, and Scrum framework. The curriculum places a significant emphasis on concurrent project management, fostering team development, and cultivating a deep understanding of the IT industry.

In the final phase of the program, we engaged in a hands-on project where we lead a team of student testers and developers using the Scrum framework as the foundation. As both Product Owner and Scrum Master my responsibilities included defining and prioritizing features, stakeholder engagement, maintaining the product backlog, and facilitating events and making the processes aligned with the Scrum model and the work with the product goal and costumer value was central.

The program concludes with an internship beginning in May 2024.