PRESTUDY: Venue for pop music, Borås

The study explores the need and conditions for a new venue for pop music in Borås, Sweden. It emphasizes the importance of supporting smaller and medium-sized events to promote diversity and attract new audiences to the city. The study also highlights the desire for a better music scene in Borås, as indicated by surveys and interviews with students, members of the public, artists and national booking agencies. Additionally, it discusses the potential benefits of a music stage for popular music, such as providing a platform for local and international artists and fostering collaborations within the city’s cultural scene while also being a vital contribution to the urban space. The study addresses funding, organization, and management aspects, aiming to enhance Borås status as a growing city with a vibrant cultural life.


The work was conducted during fall 2021 and based on stakeholder interviews, reports from relevant associations and previous mappings done by the city. The goal was to engage and interview a wide range of actors with direct or indirect interest in a venue, city planners, local property owners, artists, organizers, city officials, other venues, booking agents and more.


The report led to a continuation of the work and a commission for the continued development of the suggested solution involving more of the identified stakeholders. The work is still ongoing at the Culture Administration in Borås as of spring 2024 and has til now resulted in a defined budget, a more detailed plan published in 2023 and a pilot event in collaboration with local actors in Borås.

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Report, basis of decision for the Culture Committee and
Location example developed in collaboration with local property owner.

Lessons learned
  • Building robust infrastructure is a longterm commitment that all parties involved need to understand and respect.
  • There is a lot of energy in unexpected collaborations, valuable proponents can be found where you least expect.
  • Borås does not deserve its bad reputation.